ISO/IEC 23001-16:2021
ISO/IEC 23001-16:2021
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This document defines a storage format for derived visual tracks and an initial base set of related transformation operations. The format defined in this document enables the interchange, editing, and display of timed sequences of images that result from transformation operations applied to input still images or samples of timed sequences of images in the same presentation.

This format defines normative structures used to contain the description of transformation operations, how to link that transformation operations to the inputs, and defines how to process those transformation operations to obtain a timed sequence of video frames.

Informations générales 

  •  : Publiée
     : 2021-11
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Codage du son, de l'image, de l'information multimédia et hypermédia
  •  :
    35.040.40 Codage des informations audio, vidéo, multimédias et hypermédias

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