ISO 10333-4:2002
ISO 10333-4:2002
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This part of ISO 10333 specifies requirements, test methods, instructions for use and maintenance, marking, labelling and packaging, as appropriate, for vertical rails and vertical lifelines which incorporate a sliding-type fall arrester.

When connected to a full-body harness as specified in ISO 10333-1, vertical rails and vertical lifelines which incorporate a sliding-type fall arrester constitute a personal fall-arrest system (PFAS), which will be specified in a future International Standard.

Vertical rails and vertical lifelines which incorporate a sliding-type fall arrester in accordance with this part of ISO 10333 are limited to use by a single person of total mass not exceeding 100 kg.

NOTE 1 Users of PFAS whose total mass (which includes attached tools and equipment) exceeds 100 kg are advised to seek advice from the equipment manufacturers regarding the suitability of the equipment, which may need additional testing.

NOTE 2 PFAS using vertical rails and permanent vertical lifelines inherently limit the user's horizontal movement, whereas PFAS using a temporary vertical lifeline permit significant horizontal movement by the user. Special notice should be given to the requirements which accommodate this difference.

The scope of this part of ISO 10333 does not extend to:

  1. inclined rails and lifelines, i.e. those which are installed at an angle between the true vertical and the lifeline or rail of more than 15° when viewed from the side elevation;
  2. the horizontally installed elements of compound rails or lifelines, i.e. those which have both vertically and horizontally installed elements linked by junctions.

This part of ISO 10333 does not specify those additional requirements that would apply when PFAS are subjected to special conditions of use (where, for example, there exist unusual limitations concerning access to the place of work and/or particular environmental factors). Thus treatments to ensure the durability of the materials of construction (such as heat treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, protection against physical and chemical hazards) are not specified in this part of ISO 10333, but should comply with appropriate International Standards or, failing that, with national standards or other specifications dealing with relevant physical characteristics and/or the safety of users.

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  •  : Publiée
     : 2002-04
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 94 Sécurité individuelle -- Equipement de protection individuelle
  •  :
    13.340.60 Protection contre les chutes

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