ISO/AWI 23143-2
Information exchange between BIM and GIS — Part 2: Part 02: Facilitating data exchange through metadata.
Reference number
ISO/AWI 23143-2
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 23143-2
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


The scope of this project is to provide guidelines for information exchange between BIM and GIS. As part of a series of proposed international standards for BIM-GIS information exchange, Part 02: Facilitating data exchange through metadata will aim to solve metadata issues to support bidirectional GIS/BIM information exchange and suggest technical requirements based on use case scenarios. Metadata give great opportunities to find, evaluate and manage relevant information for the bidirectional information exchange. To ensure the interoperability between GIS and BIM information models, it is critical for one domain experts to understand the metadata generated from the other domain and vice versa. The work will review existing methodologies and research with regard to bidirectional GIS/BIM information exchange, especially in terms of metadata and item registration. It will provide a use case scenario to give a certain context of bidirectional exchange of metadata. The use case will also provide the context within which the interaction that needs to be taken place between GIS and BIM model experts. With the use of the use case scenario, the process of properly generating metadata for each domain to ensure the bidirectional exchange can be identified. It will then list the technical requirements to support the process and provide a guideline to follow.

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