ISO/AWI 19582
Sensory test variability: addressing precision, accuracy, repeatability, replication and reproducibility
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ISO/AWI 19582
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ISO/AWI 19582
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Variability is present in all sensory tests. Sensory test variability is of particular concern because humans are the essential source of data. Concern about variability is expressed in discussions about accuracy, precision, repeatability, replication and reproducibility in sensory testing. These terms will be defined as they apply to sensory testing. The sources of variation in sensory testing will be identified. With these terms precision, accuracy, repeatability, replication and reproducibility, defined along with identified sources of variability in sensory testing, this document will cover the elements of each can be achieved in sensory tests. Further, how to determine repeatability, replication, and reproducibility in the three main types of sensory testing, descriptive analysis, discrimination, and consumer tests, will be covered, along with the use and benefits of determining each for sensory tests.

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