ISO 13856-2:2005
ISO 13856-2:2005

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ISO 13856-2:2005 specifies the general principles and requirements for the design and testing of pressure-sensitive edges and pressure-sensitive bars for use as safety devices and not as actuating devices for normal operation. It is applicable to pressure-sensitive edges and pressure-sensitive bars, with or without an external reset facility, used to detect persons or parts of persons who may be exposed to danger such as hazardous moving parts. Its purpose relates primarily to safety and reliability rather than suitability.

It is restricted to the functioning of pressure-sensitive edges and pressure-sensitive bars and does not specify the requirements for their application, but does contain requirements for the information for use to be provided by the manufacturer. It does not specify the dimensions of the pressure-sensitive edges or bars in relation to a particular application. It is not applicable to stopping devices according to IEC 60204-1 used only for normal operational, including emergency stopping, of machinery. Additional requirements could be necessary where pressure-sensitive edges and pressure-sensitive bars are used in locations accessible to elderly or disabled people or children.

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     : 2005-02
    : Отмена международного стандарта [95.99]
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