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ISO 9001 on quality management systems, one of ISO's most famous standards, is now ready for public comment as it hits another milestone today.

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The standard is currently at the Draft International Standard stage (DIS stage), with the DIS ballot opening today. As it isn’t always easy to keep track of all these different stages and acronyms, we asked ISO Secretary General Rob Steele to tell us a bit more about what this actually means.

"Well, today is a very important day for this standard. The expert committee has put together this draft, they have done their work, and got it to the stage where it is mature enough to go literally to the world for comment", he said.

"So basically, if you are anyone in the world, from industry, academia, consumers and regulators, here is your chance to have a say on probably the most famous ISO standard."

Watch this video to find out more about the ISO 9001 DIS ballot and contact the ISO member in your country to have your say.

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