ICS Поле
61.020 Clothes
Including underwear, nightwear, knitwear, military clothing, hosiery, etc. and their labelling and size coding schemes
Medical garments, смотри 11.140
Protective clothing, смотри 13.340.10
61.040 Headgear. Clothing accessories. Fastening of clothing
Including ties, gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, belts, braces, buttons, zip-fasteners, umbrellas, etc.
Protective headgear, смотри 13.340.20
Protective gloves, смотри 13.340.40
61.060 Footwear
Including shoelaces
Protective footwear, смотри 13.340.50
61.080 Sewing machines and other equipment for the clothing industry
Including household sewing machines
Washing machines, driers, ironing and pressing appliances, смотри 97.060