ICS Ámbito
01.020 Terminology (principles and coordination)
Including terminography
01.040 Vocabularies
01.060 Quantities and units
01.070 Colour coding
Safety colours in the context of graphical symbols, consulte 01.080.10
01.075 Character symbols
01.080 Graphical symbols
01.100 Technical drawings
Graphical symbols for use on technical drawings, consulte 01.080.30
Computer-aided design, consulte 35.240.10
01.110 Technical product documentation
Including rules for preparation of user guides, manuals, product specifications, etc.
01.120 Standardization. General rules
Including rules for the preparation of standards catalogues and management of technical documents
01.140 Information sciences. Publishing
Information technology applications in information, documentation and publishing, consulte 35.240.30